September 12, 2013

Famisa Sekarang

Hey people..
dah lama kan tak update..
kitorang busy sebenarnya..busy sangat..huhu
this is me, nisa!
sekarang kami dah sambung belajar..
we're in college now!
but unfortunately, we don't go to the same college..
so today..
nak cerita sikit tentang tempat belajar kami..
respectively :)

Fatin Farhana is currently in Kolej Matrikulasi Kuala Pilah..
nak tahu ceritanya?hahaha..
dia sebenarnya sepatutnya masuk Kolej Matrikulasi Gopeng sama dengan syamira..
but then something happened at that time..
entah lah..dengar cerita matriks tu penuh gila and padat and sendat..
so tak cukup petempatan untuk students..
jadi fatin buat keputusan untuk apply pindah ke Kuala Pilah..
which is about less than half an hour from her house..
and another thing is, dia je satu satunya antara kami bertiga yang masih belajar di nogori..
sobs sobs.. :'(

next is Nursyamira..
this small petite little girl is in Kolej Matrikulasi Gopeng, Perak..
yeah, she hates it to be away from home..SO MUCH..
she was there with our other friend, Taibah, Hani and some other friend..
that I forgot what their names are.. :D
I think she's doing fine there..
she's just near me..hihi

so as for me.. i am..deep in the jungle..
in Tronoh..
yup, in Universiti Teknologi Petronas..
i've been here since January anyway..
so..about to finish my foundation in a few months..
and going to degree 
i don't really hate it here, i mean it's a uiversity..just love home more..ngeee :)

so pray for our success..
seriously, no matter where you are..
you're just you..and you can succeed..
with a little bit of hard work and fun while doing it..
everything will be in your hand 

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